Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm a Hoarder...of Pictures!

I really don't need to be doing this Project 365. I already take way too many pictures as it is! I've been trying to organize my picture folders by year and month, and it's taking FOREVER. Wanna know why? Because...stashed on my over 13,000 pictures! Mostly from 2006 on, but some are images that were scanned on my computer to make my graduation and my grandpa's 60th birthday slideshows. Half of them are pictures that I took, uploaded on my computer, but never went through them, so I probably only really WANT about 25% of them. Then I'm hoping, when I'm done, I can scrapbook and frame the special ones and put the rest of them in a blurb book by year. It's much cheaper and time saving than trying to print all of the images in 4x6s and put them in photo albums. And a space saver too.

I'm a novice in digital scrapbooking, but I figured since I loved doing paper scrapbooking and I'm learning to play around in photoshop, I might as well try it. I got advice from a friend on finding page and element freebies, but these are what I've done so far:

And here's my pictures for the last few days:

Day 4:
January 5, 2013
Our boots lined up by the sliding glass door.

Day 5:
January 6, 2013
Got a picture on my phone and for some reason, my SD is acting up
and it didn't save. :/

Day 6:
January 7, 2013's that kind of night...
Good night! :)

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