Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting My Priorities Straight

So...after almost five months (yes, I can't believe it, Aiden will be five months old in only six days!) it's about time to get this weight off. I was able to lose some before I got pregnant, kept the weight off for two trimesters, but then gained 40 pounds in the last three months of my pregnancy. Was able to lose about 20 pounds after I had him while breastfeeding, but now that I'm not breastfeeding anymore, I haven't made up the difference with exercise/diet and I've gotten lazy. I have 80 pounds to lose total. :O
I don't even want to think about that number. 80 is a lot. BUT I've already talked to James about it a little bit, and he's going to help me reward myself at certain loss milestones (with something other than food). At ten pounds, I'm going to have him buy me a couple skeins of yarn for a project that I'm not getting paid for. Just for fun yarn. :)
I'm once again going with my handy partner, Herbalife. I love the shakes, the tablets never fail, and it helps that I get a discount on it. I just haven't made it a priority and haven't ordered any products recently. :(
So anyway...I need your help. I need ideas (relatively inexpensive) for rewards for myself. I have 13 other milestones, and I would like to do something different each time. For my final reward, James will probably take me up to the casino, or if it's after my 21st birthday, we'll probably save the gas and just rent a room at Firekeepers for a weekend. My birthday is 10 months from now, and I'd like to lose the majority of the weight by then with my final goal reached by August for our wedding if we keep it on our original date. :)

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