Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aiden's First Foray Into Solids

Aiden turned 5 months old on Thursday. I was going to try to wait until he was six months old before starting solids, but he is interested in EVERYTHING we eat. Yesterday, he wanted to suck on our red rope licorice at the Tigers game. He gets a formula with rice cereal in it for spitting up, and he's had some banana, but not any other solid foods. Sooo...James and I made a trip to the store today for oatmeal cereal, bowls, and ice trays (for freezing pureed veggies that he starts next week). My mom had already gotten him a sippy cup, and we had spoons and bibs with pockets in the bottom from my shower, so we were all set to go.
He likes his big boy chair since he can sit up all by himself.
He got to use his sippy cup for the first time too. I just put the remainder of his formula in there after I mixed the cereal. It took a little while for him to figure out how to suck out of it instead of using a nipple.
First bite of cereal. He kept sucking on the spoon. He liked it for a little while until he was just plain hungry and the food wasn't coming fast enough for him. :)
He likes his sippy cup. He was getting frustrated with me because that was all he wanted.
This was the end. He ate about half of the cereal before he made it clear that he was done. I'm surprised he did so well in the beginning. I figured that he would throw a fit the whole time because he wasn't used to it. This week, I have to puree and freeze the sweet potatoes and then we can start those next week.
Craft update: I found my old sewing machine and tried to line my crochet bag. Unsuccessful. I have to make something to cover my oopsie, but I can't sew a straight line. I'm amazed I could even sew it together at all. Sewing together the lining was fine, but not so much when it came to attaching the lining to the bag. I should probably look up some sewing machine tutorials, or see if anyone at Hodgepodge (an amazingly awesome crochet/craft/support group on facebook) can help me out. :)

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