Monday, October 1, 2012

Just Throwing This Out There...

One of my fellow bloggers and crochet-ers, Jessica from A New Adventure Blog, did something that I never would have thought of myself. She offered  a free product (like a hat) to any interested bloggers in exchange for being featured in a review in one of their postings. What a GREAT idea, right? (Like I said, I never would have thought of it myself).
If you're curious, here is an example of one of her reviews on the My Mills Baby blog.
If anyone is interested in doing an exchange with me like this (you must have a blog), send me an email at, (I REALLY need to make an email address only devoted to my business) and we can work something out. :)
Tomorrow, I'm starting a photo a day long as I remember. I normally take pictures on my phone everyday whether I get out my SLR camera anyway so...hopefully it won't be too difficult. :/
Also, some things I'm really excited about today...
Inspired Crochet Digital Magazine  comes out today and I am impatiently waiting for it to be sent to my inbox! Can't wait to see all the awesome Halloween/Fall patterns!
I finally made up and froze Aiden some pureed bananas and sweet potatoes, so he gets to eat something other than oatmeal today! I can't wait to give it to him and see what he thinks!
Make the rest of today great! :)

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